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Link Requirement: Your Site must be Health Related.

1. Health Related: Medical Information, Alternative Medicine / Natural Healing, Book Stores, Software Programs
2. Install a reciprocal link to our site
(the link can be to any of our pages).
3. We DO NOT accept third party linking arrangements.
4. Submission:
Send your link to and let us know where you've placed our link.

We reserve the right to determine which sites get listed.

Our Link Information (please choose any one):

Natural Health Software
Sample Description:
Software on Natural Healing, Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, etc!

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Herbal Software
Sample Description:
Herbs describes over 500 herbs and herbal actions. Free demo available for download.

Homeopathy Software
Sample Description:
Homeopathy Software lists 350+ homeopathic remedies and products by symptoms & affliction.

Code Link:
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