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How do I download and install the software?
What is Shareware?
How do I download the Full Version?
What/where is the program Serial Number?
Does my computer need an internet connection?


How to: Make a Backup
How to: Transfer the Software to another Computer
How to: Upgrade older software versions
How to: Get the software running on my Mac


I downloaded the software, but I can't find it.
The software re-installs every time I open it.
My Registration Keys aren't working.
I am receiving an error message.

If you need further assistance, please email us:
contact [at] herbal-software.com
zentrum [at] self-realization.com
We also welcome all comments and suggestions!

If, after 2 days, you are still waiting for a response:
1. Please check your email filters.
After checking your Spam / Junkmail folders for messages from 'Zentrum', also check if your email settings are restricted to your known users/friends or to your local area.
2. Please check the contact info you provided.

For any Technical Support, please include the Support Form with your email. The Support Form can be opened from the software's main menu and copied & pasted to email.

Zentrum Publishing, Canada.

How do I download and install the software?
File downloads can be made from our Homepage, Upgrades page, and related product pages. Our programs are also available for direct download from many major shareware companies. If your internet connection is unstable or too slow, our Installation Files are also available on CD-ROM.
All of our installation files are in the .exe format.

To download:
1. Click on the 'Download File' or 'Download Now' link of the software you want to try out.
2. A download screen will open - select save, then choose a location to save the Installation File on your computer.
(Your 'Downloads' folder is a great choice)
If a download screen does not open, check your internet security settings. It's possible that your file downloads are 'disabled'.
3. After the download is complete, you can choose to run the file -or do so later.

To install:
The file you downloaded is an Installation File, running it will start the installation wizard which installs the software. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard, or in other words click Next, Next, Next...to finish installing the software.
The software will install (default setting) here: C:\ProgramFiles\NaturalHealing\

Do not move your downloaded file (theInstallation File) into the above NaturalHealing folder!
Many of our Installation Files share the same name as the post-installation .exe files, so moving the Installation File out of your Downloads folder and into the Natural Healing folder will over-write (delete) the software! After program installation finishes, the Installation File is actually no longer needed; it can be stored for back-up purposes or simply deleted.

See also: Instructions for Finding the Installation File after Download is Complete

To run:
After installation, the software can be accessed using your Start Menu (look under Programs or MyPrograms for the folder named NaturalHealing). An icon to run the software should also be available on your Desktop.

Tip: After you've installed the software, don't use the same Installation File to open the software (this will only re-start the installation wizard). The Installation File you downloaded is no longer used. It can be deleted or stored for back-up purposes.

What is Shareware?
All of the files available on our website are Shareware - this means that the files can be downloaded, transferred between computers, and saved to disk at no cost! Shareware also means that the files are limited, that is, many sections of our software programs are locked or otherwise unavailable until purchase of a RegistrationKey.

By making our software available as Shareware, users have the opportunity to test out, view, and become familiar with our software before purchase. If purchasing the software, no additional files need to be downloaded because your Registration Key will unlock and remove all of the Shareware's limitations!

Our software ceases to be Shareware as soon as it is unlocked with a purchased Registration Key.
Once licenced and fully-functional, you may NOT copy or distribute any of the information contained in the Software.
You may NOT upload the Software, or any part of the Software, to any Internet Website, BBS, LAN, Network or Intranet.

How do I download the Full Version?  I don't want the Shareware.

Although available as Shareware, the demo files include all of the information of the Full version - this information is just 'locked' until a Registration Key is purchased. Your unique Registration Key will effectively remove all of the Shareware's limitations and transform the Shareware into the Full Version file. This means you only need to download the software once!

Our Installation files can be directly downloaded from our Homepage, Upgrades page, and/or related product pages.

What is the program Serial Number?
Each of our programs generate a Serial Number which is your unique software ID. Because the Serial Number is computer-dependant, it is different for each and every user.

Zentrum Publishing uses your Serial Number to generate your software RegistrationKey, so it is important that you download and install the software before placing an order. Your Registration Key will remove all limitations in the Shareware. If you are unfamiliar with Shareware, please read: What is Shareware?

If your internet connection is unstable or too slow, our Installation Files (these are Shareware too) are also available on CD-ROM.

Where can I find the Serial Number?
The Serial Number is located in the Order section of the software. The Serial Number is written in a red so that it's easy to find. The Serial Number can also be found in the program's Support Form.

Multiple Programs
If purchasing multiple softwares (i.e. Natural Healing Collection) you need only find and provide one Serial Number. If you look carefully, you'll notice that theSerial Numbers of all ZP software installed on the same computer are related, so one Serial Number is all we need to calculate Registration Keys for all of your purchased programs.

Does my computer need an internet connectionto run the software?

No - our software does not need to be connected to the internet to be fully functional.

That said, there are a few internet links in the software which are added for convenience. These include links to our Upgrades Page, Software info-pages, online SecureOrder Forms, an email link for the Support Form, and the like. These webpages can be accessed from any computer through our website, so the links in the software are not really needed.

If you need tips on how to transfer our software to your non-internet computer, please see:
Instructions for Transferring Software to another Computer

You can also order an Installation CD to avoid downloading altogether.

All Zentrum Publishing software programs are made for educational purposes only.
For diagnosis or prescription see your health professional.

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