Side-Effects by Zentrum Publishing lists the most commonly prescribed drugs and their side effects. Also included are side effects of herbs, vitamins, minerals and food items.
Side-Effects is available as a free download and runs on most Windows PC computers. This software does not suggest to either use or not use any specific drug, herb or nutrition.

Side-Effects Software - main menu screenshotThe Freeware includes:
Database of 1440+ brand name drugs with listed common side-effects and interactions
Search drugs by generic or brand name
Side-effects and warnings of 200+ herbs
Possible side-effects of vitamins & minerals (specifically when taken in high amounts)
Drug Class charts and informative text files
Quick-reference Food Poisoning Chart
Free upgrades and Tech Support

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System Requirements: Windows 7 / Vista /XP/ME/2000/NT/98/95
Please visit our Help Page for support & troubleshooting tips! For further tech support,
please email the program's Support Form to: contact [at]

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Side-Effects Software also integrates with the Natural Healing Collection
~ a package of ten comprehensive programs for one discount price.

Aromatherapy Cancer Herbs Homeopathy Natural Healing Natural Healing Intro Nutrition Side-Effects Yoga Freeware MDB
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WellnessWellness Software makes a great companion program to Side-Effects!
Wellness is a smaller and condensed version of the Natural Healing Collection,
containing the main databanks of both Natural Healing and Herbs.

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